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What? Paypal still exists? I thought it died with Ebay when Amazon came along and didn’t want to accept Paypal. I guess it’s still hopping along on one leg doing the bare minimum to survive. Where’s my cashless payments already? I’ll put a order in for your gravestone.

Despite their complete lack of innovation for decades and their extremely high fees we are all kind of forced to have a Paypal account for the odd occasion it comes in handy. Cam sites are arguably one of those times, although due to those high fees most cam sites pass them on to us in the form of more expensive tokens when using Paypal. Although if you own some cryptocurrency, we would highly recommend looking at webcam websites that accept Bitcoin as you can get a better exchange rate for tokens.

When it comes to cam sites, Paypal tends to be most useful for small transactions, it is quick as you don’t need to type in a long credit card number. Also, some people might feel more secure knowing that the webcam site doesn’t have access to their credit card details.

Educate us at The Adult Reviewer and leave a comment below and tell us why Paypal is your payment method of choice.

Best Cam Sites That Accept Paypal

Cam Site
Token Cost
Bonga Cams
Cheapest Token

Bonga Cams

  • $0.0597 Per Token
Worth A Squirt


  • $0.099 Per Token
Cam Soda

Cam Soda

  • $0.1 Per Token


  • $1 Per Credit

Bonga Cams

Bonga Cams is a great cam site although free users be warned you will be subjected to quite a few pop up ads. These are of course removed if you upgrade to a VIP user. Where Bonga Cams really excels is with its Eastern European & Russian models, which it has an extensive line up. If on the other hand Asian girls are more your flavor then we would advise you to go elsewhere.

With at least 1000 models online even at off peak times, Bonga Cams is one of the larger sites and is growing rapidly. Make sure to take advantage of their promotions that can give you double tokens, 10% off and even free gift cards based on your spending amount. The site itself is easy on the eye but their filter and category system could use some work as it’s not as intuitive as other sites.

Buy Bonga Cams Tokens With Paypal

There are a number of different packages available to purchase with Paypal. The smallest is 37 tokens for $2.99 and the largest is 1256 tokens for $74.99. The 1256 tokens package works out as the most cost effective with each token costing $0.0597. For comparison if you use a credit card, for the same $74.99 you would get 1386 tokens, an extra 130 tokens. The 114 & 292 token packages are the same price whether you use a credit card or Paypal.

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
37 $2.99 $0.081
114 $7.99 $0.07
292 $19.99 $0.068
497 $29.99 $0.06
835 $49.99 $0.0598
1256 $74.99 $0.0597 Best Value


StripChat is probably our number 2 webcam site behind Chaturbate here at The Adult Reviewer. Like Chaturbate, it is mainly a tipping based system and so the girls will do most things in public although of course the private chat option is still there if you want it. If things are a bit tight, in terms of money (i don’t know what tight things you guys were thinking about) then StripChat is a good option for you.

StripChat usually has 2000 models online at all times of the day, offering a wide selection of girls, couples, males and trans. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to open up a thousand tabs in your browser. You can use their category and tab system to filter for the things you like from pregnant to hairy, from Asian to Arab.

Buy StripChat Tokens With Paypal

StripChat gives you less tokens for the same USD amount when purchasing tokens with Paypal in comparison to using a credit card. For example, when spending $9.99 with Paypal you will get 80 tokens, when using a credit card you will get 90 tokens.

When spending $199.99 with Paypal you will receive 2005 tokens, when using a credit card you will get 2340 tokens. That’s 16.7% more tokens, I don’t know about you but if my boss gave me a 16.7% pay rise at work I would be straight on the phone to my wife to bust out the red panties tonight because we are celebrating.

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
80 $9.99 $0.125
180 $19.99 $0.111
460 $49.99 $0.109
960 $99.99 $0.104
2005 $199.99 $0.099Best Value


My dentist always told me to drink less soda, luckily he never said anything about not visiting CamSoda. Whilst a can of soda might be bad for your teeth, CamSoda might be bad for your wallet. There is an extensive line up of hot cam models just waiting to milk you for all of your worth and you will end up giving it to them willingly.

These cam girls aren’t some bucktoothed, coked up hobos somebody rounded up by the dumpsters at your nearest 7-11, there are some real gems here ready to bend over backwards and open up wide for your inspection. What I like about CamSoda is that you can watch mini previews of the streams by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail. There is nothing worse than being drawn into a hot looking stream only to be met with disappointment and performing a quick retreat with the back button on your browser. Whilst there are a fair few number of ads they are only in the sidebar and footer, you will barely notice them when you’ve got your eyes scoped in on a beautiful pair of titties.

Buy CamSoda Tokens With Paypal

You can see the various token packages you can purchase at CamSoda below. Like most other sites it is relatively more expensive to use Paypal. For the largest package you can get 550 tokens for %54.99 an effective cost of $0.1 per token. If you had used a credit card you would have received the same 550 tokens but you would have saved your self $5 and only spent $49.99.

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
50 $6.99 $0.1398
100 $12.09 $0.1209
200 $23.09 $0.115
550 $54.99 $0.1Best Value


ImLive is more similar to LiveJasmin than the tipping based model of Chaturbate and Stripchat. You are not going to see much if any nudity in the public shows and instead you are going to have to take it private. The average price for a private show is about 2 credits per minute which is the equivalent of $2 per minute. To their credit their site does look a bit different in comparison to other cam sites, however in this case they probably should have stuck to the golden rules…if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Whilst most sites give each model a small thumbnail allowing you to see a preview of 20 girls on your screen, ImLive are far too generous to the girls so you can only see around 2 or 3 at one time. My mouse hand is not happy having to scroll so much, especially when my mouse hand has to save its energy for more important stuff later! ImLive is on the smaller side with just 400 models online at any one time which I guess is a blessing in disguise, a little less scrolling.

Buy ImLive Credits With Paypal

ImLive credits are a flat $1 for 1 credit no matter what payment method you choose. It is a little difficult to find out how to pay by Paypal on ImLive. After you click “Get More” next to your credit balance, a pop up will appear. In this new window click on “Change Payment Method” in the bottom left, it is quite hard to see in its light gray color or perhaps I need to book an appointment with the opticians. On the next screen you can select Paypal as your payment method.

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