CamSoda Review – Is Cam Soda Safe or a Scam?


This in-depth review of, a popular sex camera website featuring a plethora of adult performers. Read on for all the details you need to know! Review

Welcome to our review of the Live Sex Camera website loved by many people across the world,! However, for those who love the site, there are many questions asked both of me, and online relating to the legitimacy of the site and its overall value for money. So, if you are looking to find out once and for all if Camsoda is a legit website, with the ability to satisfy your sexual desires, this is the only place you need to be! is an online sex camera website which can be used by all, at a cost or free of charge. For those of you sceptical about its ability to eradicate your boner, before you go on to spend some cash, you need not worry too much. On Camsoda you can either choose to sign up or browse sex cams for free. To enjoy most of what the site has to offer you aren’t even required to be a member! So, just jump on your computer or phone, and you can begin masturbating to a huge selection of women getting fucking naughty in more scenarios than you could imagine! No matter what it is that gets you off, you will find a suitable sexy performer here to get the blood flowing south in no time.

The layout of the site is sort of like an open-plan office building, as in you can see most of the contents at once, without needing to look around much. The home page features videos for as far as the eye can see, getting you turned on and ready to go virtually in an instant. Whilst page one of camera’s and live videos seem all-encompassing, basically all you can dream of content-wise; you’ll find pages like it available to browse in abundance if you scroll down the homepage.
What is CamSoda

How Does CamSoda Work?

As we stated, you are not required to be signed up as a member on to enjoy most features, however, for those of you who wish to sign up, the application process is short and sweet! The registration process consists of providing an email address and a nickname that you would like to use on the site. After that, you’ll be greeted by a webpage where you can claim 50 free credits for purchases on the site, then boom, you’re a member! In total, it took us less than two minutes to successfully join.

To access your 50 free credits, you are prompted to input payment details. This brings us to the most common question we receive in our inbox and across socials…

Is Legit?

Well, let’s sum it up quickly for you. Yes! is a legitimate website offering excellent service loathed by millions of people looking for new sexual experiences all across the world. Over 10,000 people sign up and become members here each month on average and your credit card information is safe and secure here.

To access your free credits for registering, add payment information, get your credits and you can remove the details later if you want to! Features

This extensive website certainly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering a broad spectrum of categories to satisfy even those of you seeking the mostobscure live sex cams!

Categories offered here range from:

  • New Videos
  • Men
  • Women
  • Trans
  • Spy Shows
  • Voyeur

Not only those listed above, but you can browse many, many more different types of live cams, at no cost! Women you find online are looking to go the extra mile and satisfy men it seems, most from the comfort of their bedrooms. The amount of filthy teens, fingering and fucking themselves, moaning as quietly as possible into pillows, as to not disturb their parents sleeping in just the next room is unbelievable. If you’re into this kind of stuff, you’ve hit the jackpot here that’s for sure!

This website allows you to find your favourite streamers without any trouble, simply search live cams for women you desire. The search functions offered on are very useful and allow you to locate naughty sluts quickly!

As we touched upon earlier, yes you can access most of what the site has to offer without it costing you, however, we’re talking from personal experience when we say it just might be worth your small investment. How you choose to spend your tokens is up to you, along with the payment method you choose to employ. However, be sure that whatever you decide, you are going a long way towards fulfilling your fantasies. Women will go above and beyond here for your tokens and donations and a not afraid to complete your requests! To start with the most basic option, your tokens can be used to tip women, this is a great way to show your appreciation to the performers you most enjoy watching and usually gets you a cheeky shout out on their stream!

For a more personalized experience on, you can always opt for a private show. Bear in mind that for the duration of your private show the costs will be relatively high, largely since whilst the performer has all her attention on pleasing you, she is not gaining tips from others users. This doesn’t ring true amongst all the women offering a live cam service, but it is a common theme to expect rates of around $3.00 worth of tokens per minute.

How Much Do CamSoda Tokens Cost?

Payment Method Number of Tokens Price Cost Per Token
Credit Card 50 $5.99 $0.12
Credit Card 100 $10.99 $0.11
Credit Card 400 $39.99 $0.10
Credit Card 550 $49.99 $0.09
PayPal 50 $6.59 $0.13
PayPal 100 $12.09 $0.12
PayPal 200 $23.09 $0.11
PayPal 550 $54.99 $0.10
Wire Transfer Minimum 5000 Tokens Minimum $400 $0.08 Best Value
Cheque Minimum 200 Tokens Minimum $20 $0.10

How you choose to purchase credits is up to you, but it seems that prefers its users to pay by credit card, rather than any of the other payment mediums available. With that being said, purchasing Wire Transfer (according to the above table) contradicts what I’m saying. However, the minimum payment as you can see is quite large at $400, and is not entirely realistic, unless you fall in love with the site and plan on enjoying all it has to offer for a long time into the future.

For the best value for money, we recommend making the purchase with your Credit Card and determining how many you will need based on your overall satisfaction of the website and how you plan to get yourself off. A tip we learned in our use of the site is that small, regular donations give off vibration on some sex toys (some women trigger vibrators to go off when they receive a tip. Sending multiple $1-2 donations is a great way to get her off, and you, whilst keeping the costs right down!

Is a Scam?

CamSoda Premium Member

We often get asked if Camsoda is full of scams, but we can safely say that due to the nature of the site, the only people having access to your card details being and not individual users then the site is perfectly safe.

Your credit card details are safe and securely stored on Camsoda with all payments needing to pass an encrypted verification process before their completion. If you wish to remove your details however you can do so quickly and easily upon accepting your gift of 50 free credits.

For 200 free credits added onto your membership, all that you need to do is create a Paid account on At only $19.99 the features included prove this deal is excellent value for money and not to be sniffed at. Once you decide you wish to proceed and make the purchase, you get access to the following features:

Stealth Mode – This allows you to view a models camera, without appearing in the chat window or triggering any other notifications on the site.
Anonymous Tipping – This one is pretty self-explanatory, similarly to above, you can tip a model without your name appearing on the screen.
Ad Removal – You will no longer see any advertisements on the site, allowing you to browse the site completely uninterrupted.
Change Tipping Volume – The volume when a model receives a tip is quite loud, with premium access you can lower at any hear their true reactions to each donation.

Conclusion – Is CamSoda Safe?

If we were just starting out and were looking for a live sex cam site worthy of our time, and potentially money, we would certainly not overlook! With such a huge selection of sexy women looking to satisfy even your wildest sexual desires it is hard to see why you would scroll past this site. Camsoda sees just as many performers online at night as it does during the day, therefore it doesn’t matter when you feel the need to pop one out, you can be sure that when you do you will always be spoilt for choice with the massive choice of live cams that are available here. If we were you, we would be signing up here right now and sampling the models, seeing which are worthy of a cheeky little tip whilst you’re knocking one out. Build up a range of favourite women as I have done and each time you come online you don’t have to spend an age browsing the homepage when you’re looking to get filthy!

If you enjoyed this review, be sure to check out other sites that we have covered for a wider selection of sites to add to your collection of favourites!

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