Can Cam Girls See You?


Once you’ve decided to catch a few cam girls flashing their naked skin online, there’s a couple of questions to consider first. One of the most important ones revolves around privacy. There are all kinds of points to be raised, ranging from personal account access permissions, types of payment options, and how carefully they store that payment information, personal data and other sensitive details.

One aspect considered less often is that you’re potentially being recorded. After all, you are on a cam site. What’s to stop them from capturing your climax and selling it as content? It’s only natural to ask, especially if you’re an avid cam girl watcher – and one that scours through multiple websites during the week!

That being said, can cam girls actually see what you’re doing on the other end of the screen?

Answer: No! Cam Girls Can’t See You Unless You Want Them To!

While every site is different from another, most will have a feature called ‘cam to cam’ or ‘cam2cam’. It’s as simple as the title suggests – you both share your screens to see what the other person is doing.

It’s a paid service on all cam girl websites, and it allows your exhibitionist side to flourish.

The cam to cam feature usually comes in two variations:

With the first one, you’ll be able to share both your camera and microphone. That means the model can not only see you, but she can also hear every one of your commands directed towards her while you watch. Alternatively, if you’re into being watched yourself, you can have them do nothing while you jack off in front of the camera.

Option two: the lone camera. Unfortunately, there are some cam sites that will charge you again if you want to use your microphone. That means you’re gonna have to stray from all that dirty talking you’ve been yearning for, and just stick to being a good ol’ fashioned peeping Tom. It may prove useful if you’re at a private event or business gathering where you won’t be able to talk back to the model – or you just don’t want your roommates or parents to hear you.

Either way, you need to agree to be seen.

Cam Sites With The Cam 2 Cam Option

Cam Site
Token Cost
Wet Noodle

MyFreeCams (MFC)

  • $0.083 Per Token
  • Private Chat: $4.98 Per Minute
  • Free Premium Status With Any Purchase
Best Value


  • $0.0798 Per Token
  • Private Chat: From $0.48 Per Minute to $7.20 Per Minute


$1 for 1 Credit
Cam Soda

Cam Soda

  • $0.091 Per Token


  • $1 Per Credit


If you’re still unsure about it, there’s always the option to read up on the website’s privacy policy. It should give you all the details you need about the personal information being stored, including when and where the cam site allows your camera to be used.

From all the cam sites that I have personally tried, I have found that any time you wish to enter a cam to cam session, there’s a pop-up box that outlines the terms and conditions. In it, you’ll find out about who exactly can see you. Interestingly, most cam sites also allow for what’s called a ‘voyeur mode’ or a ‘spy mode’. In a nutshell, anyone on the site has the opportunity to come into your private session and enjoy seeing what you’re doing.

The mentioned privacy usually is the case for regular cam shows, where the model performs and the only thing she can see is whatever you’re typing, but keep in mind that whenever you open the door to that ‘accept’ button, you may find yourself agreeing to terms you’re not comfortable with. Even then, most websites will give you the chance to opt out or customize your settings, so you should be safe.

Remember: if you want to strictly control your privacy, read the terms and conditions!

So, Are Cam Sites Safe?

Yes. Cam sites are based on trust and a personal relationship between the model and the viewer. As long as you know who you’re whacking it to and what they’re offering, you won’t have the issue of being seen without your knowledge or consent.


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