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After a particularly stressful day at work when your Godzilla of a lady boss is all up in your face, all you want to do is go back home, sit back and relax with a cold beer in your hand. But sometimes this just isn’t going to get the job done and you just have to rub one out, and I’m not talking about a regular porn site either, this particular itch needs a special something to satisfy you and that’s your favourite cam girl.

But you worked all day for that sweet, sweet green and you aren’t about to let it slide straight through your fingers into some girls pink, pink sausage wallet. If you are going to be parted from your hard earned cash you are going to need….no, you DEMAND value for money. With our help, you are going to make that dollar stretch longer than Wonder Woman’s legs, you are going to make that girl earn every last cent until you are fully satisfied.

Lucky for you guys, I took a break from my busy porn watching schedule, stopped busting nuts and bust out my calculator to figure out, once and for all, which adult cam website really is the cheapest. Without further ado, I know you guys are horny with credit card in hand, I present to you my top 5 best cheap sex webcam sites.

Best 5 Cheapest Adult Cam Sites

Cam Site
Token Cost
Bonga Cams
Cheapest Token

Bonga Cams

  • $0.0452 Per Token
  • Voyeur/SPY Chat: $0.813/15 Tokens Per Minute
  • Full Private Chat: $4.068/90 Tokens Per Minute
Best Value


  • $0.0798 Per Token
  • Private Chat: From $0.48 Per Minute to $7.20 Per Minute
Worth A Squirt


  • $0.085 Per Token
  • Private Chat: From $0.68 Per Minute to $7.20 Per Minute
Cam Soda

Cam Soda

  • $0.091 Per Token
Wet Noodle

MyFreeCams (MFC)

  • $0.083 Per Token
  • Private Chat: $4.98 Per Minute
  • Free Premium Status With Any Purchase

I’m kind of surprised you are still here, you’ve already got the golden info, it’s time to go on the cheapest pussy hunt of your life! I guess you just like hanging out with a dude, no worries this is a judgement free zone. Since you are still with us, I hope you have a maths fetish because we are about to get down and dirty with the numbers.

Bonga Cams

BongaCams is one of the more popular cam websites with over 1000 girls livestreaming at any one time including couples, males and transsexuals, whatever happens on a cam website stays on a cam website. You can browse and join a stream, with sometimes 1000s of other guys, and watch the show for free. With 1000s of other guys in the room, a small minority will be tipping and essentially funding the show for everyone else, communism for the win!

Of course every girl offers and charges different things on her “Tip Menu” making comparisons very difficult. So let’s find out just how much BongaCams tokens are actually worth.

How Much Do BongaCams Tokens Cost?

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
37 $2.99 $0.081
114 $7.99 $0.07
292 $19.99 $0.068
518 $29.99 $0.058
919 $49.99 $0.0544
1384 $74.99 $0.0542 Best Value

Those tokens are looking pretty cheap right? Don’t be a sucker, Bonga Cams offers 10% off the price of their tokens. How do I know? Because it only pops up every 10 minutes, so unless your grandpa is in charge of your Bonga account you aren’t going to miss it. Just look at that saucy minx offering that tasty discount.

Bonga Cams 10% Discount

We can get Bonga Cams token for an average price of $0.0542 before the special 10% discount. But wait, there’s more, for every $200 you spend you will earn a $5 gift card effectively giving you 2.5% cashback.

Geez thanks a lot Adult Reviewer, so you can copy and paste some numbers. I knew that information 10 years ago when I first signed up, dont you have anything else for us….Keep your dick in your pants young padawan, this is where the magic is about to happen.

Bonga Cams Token Value

You have the option to take the girl out of the public eye and into your own private 1 on 1 room with the girl as long as you are willing to pay the cost per minute. How much does it cost? First off, since you are a Adult Reviewer reader I am going to assume you don’t still live in your mum’s basement and you have enough pennies to rub together to go for the “Best value” option of $0.0542 per token. This table shows you exactly how much you are spending per minute:

Service Token Cost Per Minute € Cost Per Minute
Group Chat 30 tokens $1.356
Private Chat 60 tokens $2.712
Full Private Chat 90 tokens $4.068
Voyeur/SPY Chat 15 tokens $0.813

Of course, when you are in a private room you will be expected to tip the girl, exactly how much you tip is up to you and down to how much that girl is willing to work for it.


Chaturbate is one of the largest and most popular cam girl websites as of today and I am willing to bet it’s mostly down to that awesome name. I am sure the thousands of hot girls streaming your every desire 24 hours a day plays a small part too but who’s counting?

Chaturbate Token Price – How Much Do Chaturbate Tokens Cost?

Chaturbate offer a number of different ways to purchase their tokens with each of their methods providing a different token cost. As you would expect, discounts are usually provided with larger purchases. For the sake of simplicity, we will list the most popular and cheapest methods of purchasing tokens.

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
100 $10.99 $0.1099
200 $20.99 $0.10495
400 $39.99 $0.0999
550 $49.99 $0.091 Best Value

Buying Chaturbate Tokens With Bitcoin or Wire Transfer

It is much cheaper to buy Chaturbate tokens with Bitcoin or with a write transfer. Using a wire transfer is actually about 10% cheaper than using a credit card although who has time to wait for the payment to clear when we want to watch sexy girls RIGHT NOW! However, with a bit of forward planning, a wire transfer comes with a flat price of $0.08 per token.

The Bitcoin boys will be happy to know crypto does have a use case and that is spending it on the cutest cam girls on the planet. If you aren’t really a Bitcoin fan they accept a few different cryptocurrencies including USDT which is pegged at the dollar 1:1. Just don’t tell a Bitcoin maximalist as they might burn you at the stake for being a heretic. It works out as the cheapest option at $0.0798 per token and you won’t be sitting around for days for your payment to clear as a bonus!

Chaturbate Token Value

When it comes to private shows, girls can charge between 6 and 90 tokens per minute. Don’t worry, you don’t have to click into each girl to find out how much they charge, thank you baby Jesus. Chaturbate are nice enough to let you filter out each girl by the amount they charge. Check out the table below for the effective dollar cost per minute.

Token Cost Per Minute $ Cost Per Minute
6 tokens $0.48
12 tokens $0.96
18 tokens $1.44
30 tokens $2.4
60 tokens $4.8
90 tokens $7.2


StripChat is an underrated cam site that has about 2000 models online at all times of the day, giving it one of the largest selections to choose from. In fact, you could probably have 10 different rooms open at the same time and still be happy with all 10. Although being able to multitask that many rooms would be an impressive feat in itself, I tip my hat to your Sir.

StripChat follows more of a tipping model, where you are going to see full nudity in the public chat and a private show is not really necessary. Private shows are available though if you do prefer a more intimate 1 on 1 setting.

StripChat Token Price – How Much Do StripChat Tokens Cost?

You can purchase your StripChat tokens in a variety of different ways including credit card/debit card, Skrill, Astropay, Paypal, cryptocurrency and even gift cards. Each method usually gives a slightly different exchange rate between money and tokens. Since using a credit card is the fastest and most common way of funding your account we have listed the various packages below. As usual bulk discounts are provided with the best value option being 2340 tokens for $199.99 giving an effective token cost of $0.085 each.

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
90 $9.99 $0.111
200 $19.99 $0.10
520 $49.99 $0.096
1080 $99.99 $0.093
2340 $199.99 $0.085 Best Value

Buying StripChat Tokens With Bitcoin

The cheapest way to purchase tokens on StripChat is in fact with Bitcoin and if you do own some cryptocurrency we would recommend this method, not only for its cheap rates but also for its anonymity. Using Bitcoin is cheaper as it allows to purchase larger token packages giving larger discounts. If you are willing to make the investment you can purchase 62850 tokens for $4999.99 with crypto giving you a 40% discount as opposed to the largest discount for credit card purchases at 30%.

On the other hand, whilst Paypal can be convenient we would not recommend using it due to its high fees for the cam sites which they in turn pass on to you with poorer exchange rates. StripChat offer 2005 tokens in exchange for $199.99 when using paypal so you are getting 335 tokens less than if you had just used a credit card, quite a bit more expensive.

StripChat Token Value

StripChat private shows are typically between 8 tokens to 90 tokens per minute, with 80% of the shows costing 24 tokens per minute or less. Assuming you bought the best value credit card package at $0.085 per token then private shows work out cheaper than the average webcam site. You will be able to watch 80% of the private shows for $2.04 per minute or less.

Token Cost Per Minute $ Cost Per Minute
8 tokens $0.68
24 tokens $2.04
60 tokens $5.10
90 tokens $7.65


CamSoda does have a teenie bopper vibe with its bubblegum pink and baby blue theme colors. It is a nice enough site doing everything well but not doing enough to stand out from its competitors either. This shows in its viewership numbers where even the most popular girls only have a few hundred viewers at any one time. Of course this could be a plus point if you are looking for some actual interaction with the model as she will have time to chat back in most cases.

CamSoda Token Price – How Much Do CamSoda Tokens Cost?

CamSoda do provide a number of payment methods including credit card, check, crypto and Paypal. A number of different token packages are also available. As usual the bigger token packages provide discounts, so if you can afford it, always purchase the larger packages. The best value package for credit cards is 550 tokens for $49.99 which works out to be $0.091 per token. Unfortunately, a $50 package is still relatively small for what is their largest package and we would like to see a larger one introduced.

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
50 $5.99 $0.12
100 $10.99 $0.11/td>
200 $20.99 $0.105
400 $39.99 $0.10
550 $49.99 $0.091 Best Value

Buying Cam Soda Tokens Via Wire Transfer

If you are not in a hurry then the cheapest way to purchase tokens on CamSoda is in fact with Wire Transfer. Please note that the minimum purchase via Wire Transfer is $400 and there is no discount for larger purchases. All wire transfers will be credited to your account at a fixed rate of 125 tokens for every $10 giving you $0.08 per token, a nice little discount over using a credit card.

As usual you should try to avoid using Paypal as they are the most expensive option costing $54.99 for 550 tokens which is $5 (10%) more than if you had just used a credit card with no real added benefit.


MyFreeCams remains one of the most popular cam sites today and I am left scratching what’s left of the hair on my Homer Simpson head. I don’t know why, it seems very dated, like a website out of the early 2000s with a clunky, hard to use interface. On top of all that is is relatively expensive with very few funding methods and packages.

I guess people still go there through nostalgia for the “good old days”. Am I missing something? Comment below why you love MyFreeCams and help us understand.

MyFreeCams Token Price – How Much Do MFC Tokens Cost?

MyFreeCams offers two payments methods either credit card or Paypal. The one good point about MFC is that they don’t rip you off if you want to use Paypal and they give you the same exchange rate if you had used a credit card. That said, there are still only 3 different token packages on offer, the cheapest one being 900 tokens for $74.99 giving you an effective token value of $0.083.

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
200 $19.99 $0.1
550 $49.99 $0.091
900 $74.99 $0.083 Best Value

My Free Cams MFC Token Value

The effective token value of the most economical package is $0.083 but what kind of value are you getting for a token? What kind of services will 1 token get you? Unfortunately not that much. When a private show costs you 60 tokens per minute i.e. $4.98 per minute this makes MFC one of the most expensive cam sites we have reviewed and you don’t even get the premium feel like you get at LiveJasmin. They should really rename their website to MEC, My Expensive Cams. If you are looking for a cheap cam site there are much better alternatives than this “Wet Noodle”.

Service Token Cost Per Minute € Cost Per Minute
Private Show 60 tokens $4.98
Spy / Voyeur 20 tokens $1.66
TruePrivate 80 tokens $6.64

Conclusion: Which Cam Website is Cheapest?

With so many webcam websites on the internet we really are spoilt for choice and we can afford to shop around for the best value site. You really can’t go wrong with either Chaturbate, Bonga Cams or even StripChat. All are solid cam sites that offer good value for money and you will be happy at all 3. Whilst we would personally give the edge to Chaturbate, at the end of the day it will come down to personal preference.


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