Is Ashley Madison Legit or a Scam?


There are many dating sites out there offering technologically-assisted alternatives for finding a dating match. The choice of dating apps is vast and things are not as simple as they seem when you want to meet someone for a quick flirt or a long-term affair. Ashley Madison is an infidelity dating site that has reached over 60 million members.

The very thought of meeting a potential fuck-buddy through a software-based gadget might make you feel anxious and getting involved in online dating might raise a lot of questions – dating is already quite a sensitive territory as it is!

One of the many perplexing questions that come to mind is: how do you secure your personal data footprint left on the website? How trustworthy are the interested counterparts? Are they even real people or just bots? I’ll provide a clear insight into what’s worth considering, finding an answer to the burning question that combines all: Is Ashley Madison a scam?

I still strongly recommend doing additional research and getting as much info as you can about the online dating sites and apps you’re interested in. Not staying informed can lead to miscommunication, bad matches and unnecessarily losing your hard-earned money. It’s paramount to gather outside opinions, experiences, and make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your dating app.

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Is Ashley Madison Just A Well Designed Scam?

Consider just a few facts to get a clear idea of the underlying money-drill intentions of the Ashley Madison dating site.

For starters, read their discriminatory payment policy and discover the actual number of real female users on their website. According to their analytics, the amount of users on the website saw a meteoric uprise after the worst leak scandal they had in 2015. If that’s true, all we need to do is take a careful look at the interaction stats between men and women to reveal the scamminess of this site.

The Ashley Madison CEO says that the ratio between men and women is five to one. However, leaked information has presented 12,000 women out of the 5.5 million registered on the site had any actual interaction with the whopping 32 million men.

The actual impact of the reason why Ashley Madison was created, as romantic as it may seem on St. Valentines, isn’t all that great. This means that 2600 men are available for each woman to communicate with, if she is interested to talk at all.

It is notorious that women are not as excited to look for sex or casual flings online while they’re married or in a serious relationship, as Ashley Madison would hope them to be. So yeah, maybe not the best option for guys looking to get laid.

How many of these registered women are real?

Very few as expected, proven by Ashley Madison’s self-sabotaging scam operation – the very foundation of their business – faking female presence. Namely, to bridge the gap between their financial goals and the certainty that there will never be enough women out there for the ever-rising number of men users to find what Ashley Madison offers, they introduced chatbots to hook on to the wallets of their users, particularly men, by offering them machine-produced erotic fiction.

So What’s Real Then?

Ever since its creation, the management of this website is inconsistent between what they say and what they do. It’s easy when the only real thing they want to do is to profit on the smallest infidelity inclination of their married male subscribers.

In one interview for BBC, the founder of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman said: “There’s a lot of brick-and-mortar business from brothels to escort agencies that cater towards men, so I really wanted to focus on the female side of the equation.”

What he suggests is that Ashley Madison doesn’t care for normal salaries, equal pay or more education for women but to allow them to cheat with just as much frequency as men do. He subtly appears as a gender equality hero by inventing a new human right and at the same time converts women into Ashley Madison pseudo-prostitutes that would make men pay for sending an e-mail or start an instant chat with the purpose of infidelity.

Someone should tell them that women actually exercised that right during the entire human history, if that was their choice, without subscribing to the fake freedom Ashley Madisons’ heroically allows them to exercise.

No wonder there are so few female genuine subscribers and the only thing visible from the moon is the effort to invent those women for the profit purposes of the company. This is how and why Ashley Madison employs people to make fake female profiles fed with chatbots or pays employees to interact with the most paying male subscribers.

How The Payment Scheme Works at Ashley Madison

Unlike most of the dating sites, Ashley Madison’s business model is based on credits rather than monthly subscriptions. For a conversation between two members, one of the members, always the man, must pay credits to initiate the conversation. Only paying members can send emails and start instant chats — that is, if you’re a man.

Women can email and chat all they want without extra charges. Only women who are seeking men are free to use the messaging features on Ashley Madison. If women are interested in other women they have to use credits to read, send, or initiate contact just as the men. What hideous hypocrites and scammers!

This is just the beginning, there is a well-elaborated scheme on how to keep the male subscribers into the money siphoning machine. At first, they give you information leading you to believe that first contact messages cost 5 credits and future contact is free. Very quickly you find yourself spending $90 for 180 credits without arriving anywhere, and before understanding the scheme, you are hooked on buying a 2nd or 3rd round of credit for being teased by eroticized short messages of something that might not even be a human being – and statistically, it probably isn’t!

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

No doubt they have invested in paying attention to cover every single detail and leave no stone unturned in their efforts to create an image of trustworthiness. Besides the fake positive review websites, their meticulous activity on control and manipulation targets all the mainstream forums like Quora, Askmen, Reddit, and even YouTube with the main commitment to creating an illusion of the legitimacy of their dating site.

But once you realize that you have been cheated and attempt to give them feedback on their scamming operations, you will find your account miraculously frozen, the exchange of the sexy emoji suddenly stops and you’ll see no views on your profile ever again.

So, before you find yourself being a victim of a fraudulent site, explore your options carefully, and more importantly, do your research before investing a dime or a second of your time on their website. So far, the only question floating in the air is what legal precedents are keeping the Ashley Madison founding company from getting eviscerated in courtrooms for committing blatant fraud.

So, is Ashley Madison safe? Absolutely not!


While online dating websites are increasingly present in cyberspace it is of utmost importance to learn to recognize the praying attitudes of the companies proposing virtual dating meetings. The history and the practices of Ashley Madison are some of the worst-case examples of disputable ethical and moral terms in abusing human vulnerabilities for profit-making.

If you really care about the safety of your personal data, and if you truly get a human contact and interaction on the other side of the line, be aware that the personal data of 32 million people has been exposed from Ashley Madison. The company has a compromised history of using an automated human imitating responsive system, although they claim it’s now out of operation. They use double talk when it comes to treating women as seemingly privileged but in reality, they are treating them as high priced cattle.

Be vigilant and precautious in your choice of an online dating app!


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